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Walls & Steps

Steps and Walls integrate functionality and interest in your home’s overall landscape design. A variety of hardscape materials can be successfully combined to provide a sense of richness. Whether your hardscapes needs include a patio, retaining wall, or outdoor fireplace, Four Seasons can build your dream outdoor living space.

Available In:
  • Rough hewn texture
  • Natural smooth step pavers
  • Stepping Stone pathways
  • Large interlocking block retaining walls

Driveways & Walkways

Nothing says “attention to detail” like a driveway or walkway crafted with the distinctive elegance of Belgard Pavers. Pavers outperform ordinary concrete and asphalt hands down.

  • Do not require top seal coats
  • Last longer than traditional concrete & asphalt
  • Repairs easily by replacing individual pavers
  • Excellent permeable surface to accommodate rainfall intensity
  • Various shapes, colors & textures available

Add visual interest and atmosphere with a paver or stone walkway, whether it is an entrance from driveway to front door, or a meandering path thru the yard to a special place, Four Seasons can work within your budget to create an integrated outdoor environment.

Outdoor living

Your Outdoor Living Space has a world of possibilities. Let the experience and dedication of the team at Four Seasons show you how concrete pavers can create a playful and elegant atmosphere to the exterior of your home with:

  • Patio and Sitting Wall
  • Firepit and/or Fireplace
  • Water Feature
  • Grill Island
  • Bar and Island
  • Pool Deck or Pool Deck Paver Overlay
  • Outdoor Dining and Kitchen


There are many styles of pavers and patio pavers can be chosen based on shape, style, and pattern. Our hardscapes designers installers can help you decide which style of paver is right for your design, based on architecture and the desired look of your overall property. There are standard, sleeker pavers as well as tumbled pavers which provide a more antiqued look. We use quality Belgard pavers and can help you find the perfect pavers for your dream hardscape, whether it be for a driveway, walkway, retaining wall, pool patio, or outdoor kitchen or fireplace.

The 2011 Best of the Best Award for Best Contractor: Outdoor Living Spaces
— CityView Magazine

Derek Neil, Christopher Neil Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute